Kids varsity jackets, also known as kids letterman jackets or child varsity jackets, are a must-have in the world of children's fashion. These button-up jackets are super cool, and the name comes from the big letter sewn on the chest. Back in the day, the Harvard University baseball team wore them as their sports uniform for baseball.
Imagine that! Originally made from wool with leather sleeves, these jackets were like a fancier version of a letterman sweater. Even though they started in 1953, kids all across the United States today dream about wearing their school colors and patches on these jackets to show off their sports achievements.
We've even written about how to wear these jackets to look cool and show off that classic style. It's not just for sports stars anymore – everyone can wear them just for fashion!
The varsity jacket is that one piece of clothing that perfectly captures the blend of style and tradition. Kids varsity jackets hold a special place in the hearts of people all over the world, and it's no different for Americans, who were the first to use them. So, if your little one wants to rock a stylish and meaningful look, a kids varsity jacket is the way to go!